Solar Products

Solar Power is free and it’s everywhere you only need to change your view and make your decision- it’s yours to have.  Let us do the power analysis of your homes, offices, schools, etc. and make solar power a reality. we have all in stock – solar panels, inverters, rectifiers, solar controllers, with a professional installation team.

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Pure Sinewave Inverters

It’s not about buying any inverter or rectifier! You can get the best quality pure sinewave inverters and rectifiers available in the renewable market. Our products are reliable and durable. Sinewave or modified sinewave – the choice is yours. Let our team give you the best inverter/rectifier experience ever.

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Wind Products

Wind is growing, the world is taking a great leap toward the future of unlimited green energy. We sell wind turbines and accessories for your homes and offices. Let’s do the assessment of your electricity demand – sure we will give you the best, trust our team!

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Our Commitment

Tnezium Innovation Nigeria Limited is committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied completely, its a promise. Our product collections are all tested with the assurance that they serve our customers load demand during our products’ lifespan.

Our installers are trained and certified for the job. we look at details in our product and installation.

Tnezium INL is into sales of various electrical and electronics equipment ranging from electrical cables and equipment to renewable energy generator and batteries. Feel free to compare our products and prices, we give the best.

The world is moving to the green era, come with us, contribute to a clean future buy and install renewables, let’s make our environment a better place- let us go green!

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